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In a continuation of the theme of my previous blog post... things that help me do my job better... I present to you, And like the humble stapler, can help you in your daily life, at home, and at work. You should know, that despite not being a millennial, I have fully embraced the digital culture. I work online, I use "cloud-computing," I have four computers (two desktops - one Mac, one PC - and two laptops - one Mac, one PC), I pay all my bills online, I have more passwords than I can count, etc.

If I cannot use technology to complete a task, despite its seeming simplicity, the task gets put off.

And off.

And off.

For the purpose of example, I owe my dentist $10.00. Apparently, my insurance did not completely cover my visit, and my dentist has regularly sent me a bill, in the mail, via the U.S. postal service, every month for six months or so. I realize that this is an embarrassing admission.

Why on earth don't I just pay the $10.00? The steps are too numerous!

Locating my checkbook and a stamp. Finding a pen. Writing the check. Licking the envelope. Putting the envelope in the mail. If an email had been sent, with a button to click for payment? It would have been paid immediately.

This same flaw in my character plays out in regard to thank you cards as well.  Luckily, this is where steps in to save the day. As you see in the handy "How it Works" visual above, I can choose, write and mail a thank you card without ever soiling my delicate hands with actual paper or ink.

And people love real cards.

I love real cards. Plus, the program allows you to write the message using a variety of handwriting fonts that are much more legible than my own handwriting.  Amazing!

P.S.: I am writing the check to my dentist right now.

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